Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Threelogy, Surabaya

Despite being surrounded by notable university and high schools in the city, it's easy to miss the cafe as it doesn't have prominent signboard from outside (my Grab driver nearly missed the cafe). Well, Threelogy is located behind St. Louis Senior High School and just a stone throw away from Widya Mandala Catholic University. It has smoking and non-smoking sections, whereby the non-smoking area feels quite crampy.

Bright sunlight streaming in?  Checked. Instagenic spots? Yes, 75% of its patrons were spotted taking OOTD when I came here.

Sorry for the photo spam, now let's move on to the food hehe

Hot Latte - IDR32,000
I asked the barista if I could get a cup of skinny latte, but unfortunately they only have the regular one. Okay then. The latte art looks pretty. But it was too acidic for my liking, making the drink taste rather unpalatable. I put in a half sachet of zero-calorie sweetener and my latte turned awful. Btw, I love the pics I took above. The grass in the background makes it look like I was having my coffee time in the garden lol.

Iced Roasted Hazelnut - IDR34,000
You need to stir this drink thoroughly or else it will taste so bitter. I believe it's coffee-based, but the coffee was rather bland while the hazelnut taste was stronger than expected. Go for it if you fancy nutty drink.

Caesar Chicken Salad - IDR34,000
Since nothing on the food menu enticed me, I opted for my favorite Caesar salad. I think they used iceberg instead of Romaine lettuce so it was less crunchy. The sauce was lacking, so the salad as a whole felt dry. I would suggest them to use grilled chicken instead of fried one, because I think there's no point having salad with greasy fried chicken. After all, salad is a part of my healthy life scheme (do I smell bullshit here?).

Moza Baked Rice - IDR38,000
My brother said the so-called baked rice was never actually baked - in fact it was more like fried rice with melted mozzarella on top. Nevertheless, the portion was just nice and satisfying. The taste was okay and it was loaded with egg, mushroom and broccoli. The chicken used was similar to the one in my salad.

Overall, Threelogy is an okay chill spot in the city center. Didn't find anything remarkable here other than its clean white interior though. Also, it only opens at 1pm (which is too late for me); whereas I could envision this place as a great breakfast or brunch spot if it opens as early as 8am. Well, there's always a room for improvement, and I would love to see much more from Threelogy in the future. Ciao!


Jl. Mojopahit 46
Surabaya, Indonesia 60265
Opening hours: 1pm - 10pm

Sunday, October 1, 2017

NOH! by Pison, Bali

I got 3 hours to spend before church service started so I decided to go to Samasta chill alone. While walking around, I spotted this cozy-looking cafe called NOH! by Pison. Fyi, Pison Coffee is a cafe in Seminyak that serves one of the best coffees in Bali. I had never been to Pison Coffee before, therefore I was excited to try NOH!. Why is it named 'NOH!' though? Not sure about that but from what I know, 'NOH' is something Indonesians would say when pointing out something.
"Did you see my cellphone?"
"Noh!" *pointing out the cellphone on the table*

(more or less it's like that)

Iced Mocha - IDR48,000
Being the sister cafe of Pison Coffee, how could I miss the coffee here? Man, it was a pleasing one! Slightly acidic coffee and sweet chocolate resulted in a perfect blend. Plus, it served as a pleasant thirst-quencher amidst Bali's blazing hot weather. I couldn't ask for a better drink.

French Toast - IDR45,000
When it comes to French toast, I would definitely choose sweet over savory toast. Lovely presentation? Checked. Puffy and chewy brioche? Checked. To spice things up, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and this French toast is ready to brighten up your day.

I savored every sip of caffeine and every bite of food here. If only the price wasn't so expensive (I felt heavy-hearted to pay almost IDR50,000 for iced mocha!), I wouldn't mind to visit NOH! on a weekly basis haha. And yes, I should definitely check out Pison Coffee one day and have my caffeine fix there.


Samasta Lifestyle Village
Jl. Wanagiri 1, Jimbaran
Bali, Indonesia 80361
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm

Friday, September 29, 2017

Lareia Kitchen, Surabaya

While at Pakuwon Mall yesterday, I chanced upon Lareia's new outlet going under the name 'Lareia Kitchen'. Its first outlet is at Ciputra World and the most recent one is this Pakuwon Mall outlet, which was opened this late September. So by the time I went there, it was still their soft opening days.

While Lareia is known for their mille crepes, Lareia Kitchen also features hot food (light bites and main course) and coffee in addition to a its cakes, hence the name. The interior looks gorgeous with gray and white theme used for its setup and furnishing.

Complimentary plain water

Truffle Cheese Fries - IDR40,000
When I saw truffle fries on the menu, I knew I simply shouldn't miss it. Actually they also had salted egg fries, but I decided to go with truffle fries since I wanted something crispy and dry to accompany my dessert. The appearance looked promising with generous parmesan on top of the fries. I like the use of shoestring fries which makes it easier for the fries to absorb the truffle taste. Every single piece was doused with subtle truffle oil goodness. For the price of IDR40,000, I was satisfied.

Oreo Castle Mille Crepe - IDR45,000
The cakes are delivered daily from the front cake display. I got overwhelmed by the choices on the display - the mille crepe itself has no less than 8 variants, and they also had other types of cake like naked cake and pie. I let my cousin choose the flavor and she picked Oreo Castle. I have tried Lareia's mille crepe before and it was still as fabulous. The crepe layers were paper-thin that they melted in my mouth. It's easy to pierce through the layers with a fork without breaking them apart. In between each of the layers are delicate, light pastry cream that wasn't cloyingly sweet. I love it layer by layer!

The overall experience at Lareia Kitchen was a pleasant one. Service was generally good (service charge is imposed for dine-in). Having said that, I would definitely visit Lareia again for some mille crepes during  my shopping break.


Pakuwon Mall, 2nd Floor
Jl. Puncak Indah Lontar 2
Surabaya, Indonesia 60213
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thirty 3 Brew, Surabaya

Thirty 3 Brew is a tiny little coffee shop that used to be located on Jl. Jawa but it has recently moved to Jl. Opak. The cafe looks tiny from outside but it's quite spacious inside.

This is probably the most Tumblr-ish corner in town. I'm sure every girl can't help but Instagram themselves posing with this cute neon sign. Well, fuck sugar coz I like my coffee bitter.

Free lemon-infused water is available at the counter

Coffee Latte - IDR31,818
My hot latte was served in a cute pink paper cup. The coffee was easy to drink - it was decent with light-bodied taste and mildly-bitter aftertaste.

Iced Caramel Latte - IDR33,636
The iced caramel latte came in a cute looking glass. The blend was smooth, just that it didn't taste caramel enough.

Snack Sampah - IDR40,909
If you're wondering what 'Snack Sampah' means, it means 'rubbish snack'. Perhaps it's because you get a little bit of everything like fries, onion rings and wonton, so it looks like a mix of rubbish on a plate lol. Since it's a mix of several items, there were hits and misses.

Overall, this place is recommended to everyone looking for a quiet space with affordable yet decent coffee. Come back? Yes, I would love to.


Jl. Opak 45
Surabaya, Indonesia 60241
IG: thirty3brew
Opening hours: 10am - 11pm