Monday, February 12, 2018

Good Taste, Surabaya

Hello salted egg chicken lovers in Surabaya, we have got a new place in town! Following the trend of all-things-salted-egg, Good Taste has opened at Galaxy Mall 2 food court. I wonder why they chose 'Good Taste' as the business name though, because FYI there is a salted egg place in Sim Lim Square Singapore called Taste Good. I had tried Taste Good before and it's one of my favorite places in Singapore to get my salted egg chix fix. Not sure if Good Taste is affiliated with Taste Good, but since it's salted egg chix, no harm trying right? 

Salted Egg Chicken Rice - IDR35,000
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I only saw salted egg chicken rice and cereal chicken rice in the menu. Both dishes go at IDR35,000. The portion was filling for the price. Speaking about personal preference, I prefer my sunny side up with a runnier yolk. But let's talk about the salted egg, the highlight of this dish. The sauce was delectable with nice consistency and creaminess, if only more curry leaves was present. The salted egg taste was tangible as well. If you could take spicy stuff, you should add some chopped chili on it.

Cereal Chicken Rice - IDR35,000
The best thing about this dish is the buttery cereal bits. Damn sinful! As the chicken wasn't drenched in sauce like the salted egg one, my sense of taste could feel the texture better. The chicken meat wasn't of amazing quality, but it was covered with generous amount of cereal (it's really a lot, even my brother was willing to share it with me haha). The chicken was crispy and good to pair with the sugary cereal.

Overall, Good Taste is such one great discovery, and I definitely have a reason to revisit it whenever I'm around. They serve yummy, unpretentious chicken dish (so far, I think Good Taste's salted egg chicken rice is the one I like best in town, at least the taste is the closest to Taste Good). If you are on a hunt of good salted egg chix in Surabaya, you definitely have to drop by.


Galaxy Mall 2, 3rd Floor
Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur 35-37
Surabaya, Indonesia 60115
IG: goodtaste.sby
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Monday, February 5, 2018

Tempati, Surabaya

F&B establishment with collaborative space concept has become a trend in town nowadays. In Surabaya, you can find this kind of business in places like Food Coma, Intro and Makmu. Recently, I had a chance to visit Tempati, a collaborative F&B space on Jl. Ngagel Jaya Utara. It hosts various tenants inside, namely Pupu Bowls, Kono Coffee, Silly Scoop and Delichoux. In addition to the food variety, Tempati also has many Instagrammable spots to take picture at. Despite being a 'food court', this place is rather quiet and exclusive.

Tempati is set up in a two-storey building. Feel free to sit wherever you desire, as if you are in a food court. You may come to the tenant directly or get the menu from the staff and order through them.

The smoking area has aircon so no worries of getting sweaty

My favorite spot is this crimson corner of Kono Coffee with its hipster neon light

Flat White - IDR30,000 (6oz)
The coffee here is provided by Kono Coffee. My flat white featured light and milky body with lingering bittersweet aftertaste. A decent perk-me-up.

Iced Black Charcoal Latte - IDR32,000
It was just normal fresh milk infused with (active?) dark bamboo charcoal. Those black dots on top look like Oreo to me (I wouldn't say they tried to cheat me by replacing charcoal with Oreo though). Tbh it tasted very plain with a little smoky note.

Cheese Fries - IDR25,000
The cheese fries features shoestring fries drenched in cheese sauce. The fries was soggy and the cheese sauce was underwhelming.

Pupu Bowl's tenant is like a cafe within a cafe
Free cucumber-infused water. Yikes, I hate infused water haha.

Guapo - IDR35,000
We only had a bowl of smoothie for each of us as we had our brekkie already. I chose this Guapo, which was peanut butter and banana-based (when it comes to PB, I have no self-control haha). I had tried Pupu Bowl's smoothie before (read the review here) and I sensed a significant improvement on their smoothie compared to my last visit (guess they have already mastered the art of smoothie bowl huh?). My bowl is loaded with protein-packed PB and piled up with banana slices, coconut flakes, granola and chia seeds, resulting in a guilty-free indulgence. This bowl will surely satisfy your PB craving at any time of the day.

Pupu's Choice - IDR45,000
Meanwhile, my brother had something more substantial, which was smoothie with acai berry base. The smoothie per se wasn't overly sweet or sour at all. The fruits with the granola made a wonderful combination together from the beginning to the end. It was pretty filling - enough to sustain us until mid afternoon.

Overall, Tempati is one of the best collaborative spaces in Surabaya for Instagram photos. It's the place to be if you want to hang out in a cool setting, or even if you only need a comfortable corner to do your work. Hopefully they could add more choices to the tenant list so to make it more diversified and interesting.


Jl. Ngagel Jaya Utara 105
Surabaya, Indonesia 62084
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, Singapore

Carnival is a rare thing in Indonesia, so when I heard that there would be a mega carnival in Marina Bay Singapore during the time of my visit, I got super excited and immediately put this on top of my places-to-visit list. I’m a big fan of carnival although I suck at playing the games. With Prudential being the main sponsor, this carnival is said to be the largest one in this little red dot, with the opening hours of 4pm to 11pm daily.

pic credit: Marina Bay Carnival website
pic credit: Prudential Singapore website
pic credit: Prudential Singapore website
The carnival is split into two locations: Bayfront event space (next to Marina Bay Sands) and The Promontory (the one closer to Merlion Park). The majority of the thrill rides can be found at the Bayfront side while The Promontory side has more family-friendly rides. These two fairgrounds can be reached within 7 minutes walk. You definitely have to visit both!

Took a pic while walking to The Promontory
Good news, admission to the carnival is free. However, the rides and games require credits to play. These credits are stored in a prepaid card. A card can be used by more than 1 person, so for example if 2 people want to ride the Star Flyer (the ride costs $10 per person), they will deduct $20 from one card. You can buy and top up the card on the spot with a minimum amount of $10 (cmiiw). Note that the credit in the card is non-refundable.

I didn’t want to spend too much on this carnival knowing I’m a bad player. I only topped up $20 in my card, enough to play 2 rides and 2 games. Fyi, the rides cost $6 to $14 and the games cost $4 to $8. Oh ya, I also found a good deal from Klook you can purchase for $45. With this price, you are entitled to 1 card with $35 credits inside and 2 drink coupons (choose between 1 Tiger Beer or 2 non-alcoholic beverages). This package can only be purchased online and you will have to redeem it on the spot. Lol actually if you are a big player who wants to try all the rides and games, you will end up spending more than the cost of Universal Studios ticket.

Here are two most popular rides at the carnival (be prepared to queue!):

pic credit: Marina Bay Carnival website
My POV from Star Flyer. Sorry for the blurry pic!
Star Flyer (10 credits): 35-metre tall swinger with 360 degree view of Marina Bay. The ride will ascend and spin at the same time, offering you an unobstructed view of the cityscape. While some riders were screaming as if they were on a roller coaster ride, I didn’t find this ride thrilling at all haha. But if you are afraid of heights, you would probably be shaking after getting off the ride. The speed is not too fast, just nice for me to snapgram the view. Some people asked me how could I didn’t shake my hand while snapgramming haha. It took courage, people!

pic credit: The Smart Local
Doesn't it look so tall?
Mach 5 (14 credits): 55-metre tall pendulum ride that goes round and round. Going with the speed up to 130 km/h, this ride surely suits adrenaline junkies very well. It’s definitely not something I will ride even if someone pays for me.

Besides these two, there are some other interesting rides like Euro Coaster and Jungle River, to the classic bumper car and carousel. If you are up for a challenge, you will be attracted by the numbers of carnival game available here. With over 1 million licensed soft toys from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks to be won, you won’t want to leave the carnival empty-handed. Who doesn’t want to win a Minion, Baymax or Yoda?

Lobster pot game
Ring toss game
Bean bag toss game
Shuffle board game
We tried some games like buzz wire, ring toss, basketball and shooting, but turned out we were not skillful enough. Okay, the god of fortune wasn’t by our side haha. We even tried the buzz wire game twice, but it was damn hard to win because the spiral wire kept spinning. I gotta admit, I got jealous seeing people carrying a giant teddy bear or a sackful of soft toys, but then I convinced myself that they actually bought it because they paid for it.

Oh well, I ended up bringing a small dog soft toy from a game that didn't need any skill at all - just luck. My friend won me this dog from the Odd Number game, where you need to draw at least 1 odd number out of 3 given chances. You really need some luck to win it, because my friend actually saw that the numbers inside the box were 95% even numbers.

What’s carnival without food?! Both Bayfront and The Promontory fairgrounds have food stalls with seating, offering many kinds of food and drink that are made for Instagram. I even saw the famous French patisserie, PAUL, opened a stall here. Note that payment for food is strictly by cash only.

I always have a thing for galaxy and unicorn <3

Starlite - $9.90
I only managed to try one drink here from Rainbow Works booth. I got this Starlite for $9.90 (you can have it on a unicorn float for $15 - so expensive!). It’s just pink blended drink with marshmallows, whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles. If it’s not pretty enough, they put a small pink balloon as an extra touch. I thought it would be a sugarush, but in fact it just tasted bland. Such a daylight robbery.

Overall, I would totally recommend everyone to visit this huge-scale carnival while it's still around until 1st April 2018 (no, it ain't April Fool’s joke). Make sure to head down for some family fun, or go with your friends and get crazy together! By the way, the nearest MRT stations are Downtown (Downtown Line) and Bayfront (Circle Line & Downtown Line). What I did was coming out from Bayfront MRT (exit E), explored the carnival at Bayfront side first, walked to The Promontory and explore that side, and finally walked to Downtown MRT via Marina Bay Link Mall.