Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dal.komm Coffee 달콤커피, Singapore

Hello K-drama lovers! If you watch Descendants of the Sun, you should be familiar with the a coffee shop named Dal.komm Coffee. This coffee chain has opened a new outlet at The Centrepoint Singapore. The space is considerably large, but students are kindly asked to refrain from studying here during busy hours.

DOTS fans, did you see this?! Look at those wolf and rabbit soft toys!

The cafe implements self-service system. Payment and collection are to be done at the counter and it's free-seating here. You will be given a beeper to notify when to collect your order.

Hot Caffe Latte - $6.50 (regular size)
When ordering, I was asked whether I would like to have my coffee on the spot or take away. Since I was going to meet my friend at Orchard Central, I chose the latter so that I could carry my coffee with me. If you choose to have your coffee there, it will come in a mug instead of paper cup. Anyway, I like the black paper cup with pink holder - it looks elegant, different from the usual white paper cup.

pic credit: Dal.komm Coffee website

But above all, what I like the most about Dal.komm Coffee is its custom-made coffee. So, basically we can select from three types of beans: K1, K2 or K3 (refer to above pic). I had my caffe latte with K2 option. It resulted in ideal flavor - smooth, rich and creamy without being too acidic. It had slightly sweet aftertaste which I fancied.

Overall, Dal.komm Coffee is a nice coffee stop in town, worth checking if you are in the vicinity.  You would definitely love the fact that you can pick up your own coffee blend that perfectly suits your preference. The price is not the cheapest one around, but it's reasonable considering the quality and ambiance of the place. Please open in Indonesia soon!


176 Orchard Road, #01-01/06 & #01-102/103
The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843
IG: dalkommsg
Opening hours: 9.30am - 10am

Monday, January 15, 2018

Wang Dae Bak 왕대박 + Cha Tra Mue ชาตรามือ, Singapore

Yay, I finally managed to have a catch-up session with my ex-roommate, Lulu. Since she was working that day, we agreed to meet at Raffles Place (CBD) area for her convenience. She came down to accompany me during her lunch break, whereby she brought me to her favorite Korean restaurant called Wang Dae Bak. This restaurant is famous among CBD office workers. Wang Dae Bak serves a la carte Korean dishes and BBQ, but we settled for their lunch menus as what other guests  apparently did. Each table is equipped with its own exhaust and the barrel-like seats also function as storage for your belongings. Cool!

The drink reminded me of my Korea trip where I saw that plastic bottle in almost all Korean restaurants. At Wang Dae Bak, we will be served this cold plain tea for free, which adds to your Korean dining experience.

Adhering to Korean meal standards, we were given a total of 5 banchan (side dishes): kimchi, fishcake, mashed potato, seaweed and braised sliced egg. The house-made kimchi was fresh and yummy to eat on its own. The potato was a tad sweet. The egg was my and Lulu's favorite - we finished it quickly and asked the staff for another bowl haha. Meanwhile, the fishcake was so so and I didn't even touch the seaweed at all.

Pork Bulgogi - $11
The pork bulgogi (lunch menu) is priced at $11 and it comes with a bowl of soup. It's definitely worth it. The serving was generous, the pork was tender, easy to chew and well-marinated. No worry, there is rice below the meat. A tummy pleaser overall.

The service was prompt and fine although I felt that it was a bit difficult to get their attention. Food-wise, it was delicious and value for money. I love the authentic Korean atmosphere here and I will definitely return to try their KBBQ.


22 Cross Street, #01-59/60/61/62/64
Singapore 069918
IG: wangdaebakbbq
Opening hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm; 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Closed on Sun


After lunch, Lulu suggested me to get some Thai tea at Cha Tra Mue (it's her favorite Thai tea shop too). I obviously agreed with her suggestion, since who could resist having chilled Thai tea on this sweltering hot weather?! Previously named Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee, Cha Tra Mue is a Thai milk tea brand that is loved by many CBD workers (I saw a lot of workers dabao-ed drinks from here). There are a lot of Thai tea shops in Singapore, but Cha Tra Mue is probably the one with the longest queue I have ever come across.

Cold Original Thai Milk Tea - $3
Being a first-timer to the brand, I got myself the original Thai milk tea. I noticed they had the 'extra gold' version, which came with stronger tea brew according to the staff. Upon the first sip, I detected strong tea flavor, which gave a nice balance to the sweetness from the condensed milk. I really like Cha Tra Mue's Thai tea as other Thai tea shop's versions tend to have overpowering milk taste.

At $3 for a tall cup of Thai tea, I think it's worth getting and I enjoyed every sip of it. It was a great thirst quencher! Hope they could open more shops in more parts of Singapore to reach more consumers other than CBD workers.

Strolling around CBD area with my Thai tea hehe


138 Amoy Street, #01-05
Far East Square
Singapore 049965
Opening hours: 9am - 6pm (Mon - Fri)
Closed on Sat & Sun

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Product Review: Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate with Marshmallow

Hello guys! This time I will be reviewing my favorite chocolate drink brand named Swiss Miss. I bought this product in Valu$ store at Nex Singapore for only $1.75. This is actually not my first buy as I had bought it several times before to bring back to Indonesia. Originated from Wisconsin, Swiss Miss has been producing their signature blend for more than 50 years in local dairy farms. All of their products are packaged in USA. The classic chocolate drink series are gluten free, contain natural antioxidants and are made with real milk to ensure you get the real taste in every wholesome sip.

A box of Swiss Miss comes with 6 individual packs of powdered chocolate drink with marshmallow. The packaging is paper-based - a thoughtful way to reduce the use of plastic!

The instructions to prepare the drink are stated on the packaging. You can use the microwave or do it conventionally by adding hot milk or water (milk is recommended for richer taste). It merely takes you 2 minutes to get a cup of hot chocolate. Easy as ABC, isn't it?

Tadah! Here is the final form of the product. The chocolate drink possessed medium-thick body, average sweetness, and good balance between chocolate and milk. Personally, I would expect richer cocoa taste as the overall flavor is not rich enough for my liking (which is more likable to many).

Another thing that could be better is perhaps the marshmallows. The marshmallows are so tiny and they dissolve quickly with the hot drink. Well, you can always have the option to buy bigger, fluffier marshmallows and have it with the drink. But if you want easy-to-make hot chocolate with marshmallows without having to buy marshmallows, this product is for you.

Overall, Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate with Marshmallow is recommended to everyone of any age. This is a product I would definitely repurchase when I am back in Singapore. It's great to have on rainy and lazy days. After all, you can't go wrong with a cup of classic hot chocolate.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I'm Kim Korean BBQ, Singapore

I'm Kim Korean BBQ is a no-frill Korean BBQ buffet restaurant located on the first floor of SOTA (School of the Arts). It is reachable within walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut MRT. It is usually packed with youngsters during both lunch and dinner time, but I was lucky enough not to stand in queue as I immediately got a table as I reached the front door. The place looks very casual with the accompaniment of K-Pop MVs playing on TV screens. I could tell this is a place that K-Popers would fancy!

The free-flow drink bar includes selection of ice water, fruit juice and even Korean tea. Alcoholic beverages and canned drinks are available at the cashier counter, but take note that they are not included in the buffet price.

I didn't take pictures of the buffet counter though (paiseh haha). While waiting for the meat to cook, I explored the cooked food counter and got myself some fries and popcorn chicken. I heard that the other outlet at SCAPE (it's called I'm Kim Junior and the outlet is smaller than SOTA one) has free-flow truffle fries! Waa, should have gone to SCAPE outlet instead as the one here only serves normal fries *cries*.

On the soup counter, I saw samgyetang (Korean ginseng chicken), kimchi and mushroom soup. The mushroom soup tasted pretty okay, although it tasted more like canned soup being reheated. I didn't complain as it was free-flow.

From the meat counter, you get the selections of pork (pork belly, spicy pork collar, etc.), beef (beef roll, short rib, etc.), and chicken (volcano chicken, garlic chicken, etc.). My favorite item here would be the unpretentious pork belly. It was so juicy, tender and savory, went very well with fresh lettuce wrap.

The beef and chicken were fine. The volcano chicken was devastatingly too spicy for my tolerance and I gave up after eating two pieces of it haha.

With its wide variety of food and affordable price, I'm Kim Korean BBQ is easily one of my favorite KBBQ joints in town. The service was helpful too. The staffs regularly cleared up the empty plates and changed the grill pan. Priced at only $14.90++ for buffet lunch, it's no wonder that I'm Kim easily steals the heart of all KBBQ lovers in Singapore. With student ID card, you will get even cheaper price at $12.90++ (my expired student card was miraculously approved haha - in fact they never check the validity)! By the way, you will still smell like BBQ after the meal despite the place having ventilators on the ceilings, but there is a spray at the counter to help clear off (or minimalize) the odor. After all, my craving for KBBQ had been well-satisfied and I left the place with one stuffed yet happy tummy.

Buffet price:
- Lunch:
Adult: $14.90++ (Mon - Fri) / $24.90++ (Sat - Sun & PH)
Student / senior: $12.90++ (Mon - Fri) / $22.90++ (Sat - Sun & PH)
Child (4-12 years old): $8.90++ (Mon - Fri) / $16.90++ (Sat - Sun & PH)
- Dinner:
Adult: $24.90++ (Mon - Fri) / $25.90++ (Sat - Sun & PH)
Student / senior: $22.90++ (Mon - Fri) / $23.90++ (Sat - Sun & PH)
Child (4-12 years old): $16.90++ (every day)


1 Zubir Said Drive, #01-04/05/06/07
School of The Arts
Singapore 227968
IG: imkimkoreanbbq
Opening hours: 11.30am - 3.30pm; 5.30pm - 10.30pm

Sunday, January 7, 2018

A Juicery, Singapore

Hello my dearest readers, happy new year 2018! How's life been treating you so far? I hope this new year brings you a lot of love, hope and happiness. Let me kick-start this new year by bringing you to a cheerful-looking place called A Juicery. A Juicery is a place selling cold pressed juice and coffee in the CBD area. The place is accessible within walking distance from Boat Quay, ClarkQuay and Raffles Place MRT. It's precisely located on Lorong Telok, a small street across OCBC Centre. The place is decked out in soft pink color - small chance that you will miss out this place. As the name suggests, A Juicery sells various cold-pressed juices and coffee.

The menus come in the form of mirror and it's hung on pink-tiled walls. Instagenic!

Look at that pink La Marzocco coffee machine and pink flamingo! Don't you want to bring them home already?!

Strawberry Latte - $7
I'm not a juice person, so I opted for their coffee. I decided to try the strawberry latte. This menu was previously a secret menu (I presume it's no longer a secret as it was already listed on the menu board). The strawberry latte was pleasant - a good choice for those who are not into strong coffee. At some sips it somehow tasted like strawberry milk to me.

Overall, A Juicery is a place worth visiting when you are in CBD area. It's not a place to sit and chat for long given the small space (it's more like a to-go cafe), but don't let this deter you from visiting this place and taking Instagenic pics.


21 Lorong Telok
Singapore 049033
IG: ajuicery
Opening hours: 8.30am - 5pm (Mon - Fri)
Closed on Sat & Sun

Friday, December 29, 2017

Fish & Chicks + CoffeeSmith, Singapore

Hello people! I recently got the chance to be back in Singapore, my second home. I didn't stay long there since I need to go back to work as soon as 2018 starts *sobs*, but overall I really enjoyed my stay. It's always good to be back! <3

One of my food court / hawker food wishlists in Singapore is Fish & Chicks. This Western food stall has 2 outlets in Ang Mo Kio and Cathay Cineleisure Orchard. During my SG trip this time, I managed to try their popular fish & chips at Cineleisure outlet (the stall is located in Koufu food court on the basement). With its central location, we don't need to travel all the way to AMK and queue in non-airconed hawker centre.

There was no queue here but it was stated that the waiting time was 15 minutes. Still acceptable since I saw they were cooking for bulk order too. You will be given a beeper to pick up your order when it's ready.

Salted Egg Fish & Chips - $11.60
I had the highly-raved salted egg fish & chips, which came with fries and one side dish of your choice (I picked coleslaw). The fish was huge! The batter was crackling-crispy and it was smothered with salted egg sauce. The fish was soft and moist. The sauce used is the creamy type and I find the salted egg flavor too mild for my liking. The coleslaw was very sweet that I gave up eating after two spoonfuls. Nevertheless, this dish as a whole did a decent job in satisfying my salted egg craving.

Overall, the fish & chips here is worth trying, but I doubt I would re-order the salted egg one. Do take note that the price in Cineleisure outlet is more expensive than AMK, certainly due to the rental cost. Hey, you get to dine under aircon comfort, I guess that's the price to pay.


8 Grange Road, #B1-01
Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Opening hours: 11am - 9.30pm


How about some caffeine dose after lunch? Head to CoffeeSmith on the first floor of Orchard Gateway. CoffeeSmith is a popular Korean franchise that often appears in several K-dramas such as It's Okay That's Love and Sweet Stranger & Me.

Cafe Latte - $6.50
My latte possessed good strength and creaminess, just right for my liking. The price for a the smallest cup of coffee here is quite hefty, but the cup size is larger than other coffee shops so I guess that makes up for the price.

Overall, I enjoyed the coffee at CoffeeSmith. What makes this coffee shop special is that it opens 24 hours on weekends! Woohoo, now you have more places to hang out after supper sesh.


277 Orchard Road, #01-09/09A
Singapore 238858
IG: coffeesmith_singapore
Opening hours: 9am - 3am (Mon - Wed & Sun) // 9am - 12am (Thu) // 24 hours (Fri - Sat)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Eastman Coffee, Semarang

Hello folks! It has been a year since my last visit to Semarang and I was completely puzzled in planning out where to eat there, because Semarang is not somewhere familiar to me. I barely heard of any famous cafe in Semarang, so I asked my uncle for recommendations. He has been to several cafes and one of those cafes he recommended is Eastman Coffee. Apparently, Eastman Coffee has just opened earlier this year. My brother and I went for late breakfast at 9am and the place was almost full already (aha, I could see the popularity). Eastman Coffee is located right in the center of the city, only 500 meters away from Simpang Lima. Eastman shares the same building with an up-class restaurant called Bowery on the back side. They have wide parking lot with valet service, but I am more fascinated by their location on a major road haha.

Eastman looks more like a semi fine-dining restaurant than a coffee shop tbh. Which coffee shop has chandelier and flower vase on every table?

Cafe Latte - IDR28,000
The coffee was served on a metal tray with an almond biscuit. A glass of plain water was also thoughtfully served along with the coffee. My uncle said the coffee was good, but somehow I had to disagree. My latte was smooth but too acidic for my liking. It's not that it was too strong like piccolo but it was just acidic (strong coffee doesn't need to be acidic). Perhaps I was just being unlucky this time.

Mr. PB - IDR35,000
My brother was attracted to this drink because he saw in the menu that it contained Madura salted caramel lol (he was like 'Madura produce salted caramel meh?'). Anyway, the glass might look small, but in fact it was very filling. The strong nutty flavor hit me at the first sip. We then described the taste as how 'martabak manis' tasted like haha. The milkshake itself was smooth and rich. The salted caramel helped enhance the overall flavor to be less nutty.

Balinese Fried Rice - IDR35,000
They also have Indonesian food in the menu. This Balinese fried rice came with sate lilit, chicken feet crackers, fried egg, sambal and acar on the side. I tried a spoonful and I found nothing special. I am never a fan of Balinese spices and I don't think I will ever be.

Sweet Chick - IDR40,000
I opted for this American soul food as I wanted something savory and sweet. I'm gonna rave about this dish and you should really get this when you visit Eastman (disclaimer: I had never tried fried chicken with waffles before, thus I don't have any benchmark). I forgot to ask for the maple syrup to be served separately, but thankfully it wasn't as sweet as I thought. The waffle was well-made. It wasn't the crispy type but it was buttery and dense. The chicken was da bomb. I love how it was tender, crispy-skinned and flavorful without being too greasy. I devoured everything including the mesclun (I don't usually finish my mesclun lol). The serving was also hearty for the price. Man, feed me this anytime!

Overall, I had my breakfast here in contentment. Not only the place was charming, but the food was also above my expectations. The service was okay albeit not very courteous. Couldn't believe we only spent around IDR160,000 for 2 people to dine in such fancy ambiance - it's something you can't encounter in big cities like Jakarta and Surabaya.


Jl. Ahmad Yani 140
Semarang, Indonesia 50241
IG: eastman_smg
Opening hours: 7am - 12am