Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Historica Coffee & Pastry, Surabaya

Historica Coffee & Pastry is situated at Society Complex, one of youngsters' favorite places in Surabaya to hang out. Society Complex consists of Historica, 1903 (fine-dining restaurant), and Buro Bar. Today I went to Historica with my bro to chill and get caffeinated. This wasn't my first visit to Historica, but it had been a good 2 years since my last visit so I decided to go back as I recall they served good cuppa. 

Here, need to go to the counter for order and payment. Actually we wanted to get some light bites like fries or nachos, but the selection of food offered was quite heavy. No choice, we then ordered their heavy meal for our early lunch.

Iced Tea
It could be sweeter in my opinion. Nevertheless, it was still good to combat the sweltering weather (Surabaya weather has been a bitch recently).

Caffe Mocha - IDR35,000
What's a visit to coffee shop without coffee? I had my usual mocha here, which was awesome with intense chocolate taste that wasn't overly sweet. The fragrant coffee aroma was also there, but I would expect it to have a stronger kick.

Egg's Benedict - IDR45,000
The poached egg sits atop toasted ciabatta, topped with beef bacon and Hollandaise sauce. The eggs were runny and perfectly poached but I found the toast a bit tough to cut. For the price, I think they could definitely do something more!

Chicken Parmigiana - IDR60,000
The chicken was smothered with very little amount of tomato sauce (the sauce tasted fantastic btw). I couldn't enjoy the dish thoroughly since there was no more sauce left halfway, leaving the chicken dry. It came with fries and side salad that astonishingly tasted like HokBen's salad lol (I got no complain since I like HokBen's salad anyway). The portion is quite hearty if you are not a big eater.

They also have outdoor seating for smokers

Trying to make dramatic sit-on-the-windowsill shot but failed lol

I was generally satisfied with my visit to Historica. They could bring the food and beverages up to standard while keeping the price reasonable. The atmosphere is cozy and laid-back - it's a place where you can chit chat with your friends for hours without being worried about getting outcast by the staffs (the place was quiet when we were there). The staffs could be more hospitable though - I remember on my last visit 2 years ago the staffs were equipped with excellent product knowledge and they patiently explain the menus while making some suggestions on what I should get. Well, that's one thing to improve on!

Before this post ends, let me take you on a tour around Society Complex. This place is just perfect for #ootd.

Thanks for bearing with my photos til the end haha. See ya on my next post!


Society Complex
Jl. Sumatra 40
Surabaya, Indonesia 60281
Opening hours: 7am - 12am

Monday, November 13, 2017

Boncafe Steak & Ice Cream + Le Cafe Gourmand, Surabaya

Boncafe has always been a special place to dine for many years. My fellow 90s kids who grew up in Surabaya would surely recognize Boncafe as one of the most renowned old school steakhouses in town with its flagship red and white colours, checkered table cloth and outdoor kids play area. It started in 1977 when a small cafe was built on Jl. Raya Gubeng, and now it has a total of 4 outlets city-wide, not including the ones outside Surabaya (i.e. Samarinda and Makassar).

When I was a kid, my big family loved to have gatherings and birthday celebration there. Now that there have been more and more options to dine, we don't visit Boncafe as often as we did in the past. So, yesterday I brought my grandma for lunch at Boncafe Pregolan as she was craving for beef steak. She still could remember vividly how good Boncafe's steak was in the old days. It was kinda quiet when we arrived at 11.30, but the place started to fill up by 12pm onwards. The Pregolan outlet is spacious (although not as big as Gubeng outlet) - it's perfect for dates, family and friends gathering. Nowadays, the menu has been revamped to include Korean-style steak and even local delights like nasi goreng. However, we settled for the more mundane ones as we wanted to stick to the classic.

Es Teh Manis - IDR15,000
The tea was refreshing but it was too sweet! I wish the drink came with separated sugar so that we could adjust the sweetness to our preference.

Boncafe still serves the same good ol' soft bread as starter. The bread was soft and yummy, especially when I spread the slighty-salted butter on it (it's already good on its own though). It boosted my appetite right from the start.

Sirloin Steak - IDR90,000
For the beef steak, you can specify your preferred level of doneness. My grandma's sirloin was cooked to medium rare doneness. The steak came with thick-cut fries, vegetables and Boncafe special steak sauce. The beef was well-marbled beef, marinated perfectly and grilled to perfection. It was tender (the elderly will not have a hard time to chew), juicy and flavorful. The quality was good for the price and the portion was big as well.

Chicken Roulade - IDR70,000
You can tell by the look that this chicken roulade is gonna be filling af. I was afraid that I couldn't finish it tbh. The chicken meat is rolled together with smoked beef and sausage, then coated with breadcrumbs and fried to golden brown. It is served with potato croquettes, chips and sauteed veggies. The chicken was nicely seasoned and the signature pouring sauce helped elevate the flavor. At the end, I managed to finish this dish by digesting the meat veryyy slowly haha.

The service was attentive and prompt although I feel that the staffs could smile more to customers. I hope Boncafe will pass the test of time and continue to pamper us with its quality old school steaks.


Jl. Pregolan 2
Surabaya, Indonesia 60262
Opening hours: 9am - 10.30pm


It was freaking 34 degree Celcius that day and I couldn't stand that terrible humidity, so I thought it would be perfect to get some gelato to cool down. Luckily, Le Cafe Gourmand was just a doorstep away from Boncafe. Le Cafe Gourmand is a small cafe that sells gelato, cake, sandwiches, coffee and light bites. It is still under the same management with Boncafe by the way.

Birthday Cake Gelato + Marshmallow - IDR35,000
A single scoop of gelato is priced at IDR35,000 - not cheap, but it comes with one topping of your choice. You can choose to have your gelato in cup or cone (you can also choose the color of the cone, how cute is that?!). After trying out several flavors, my pick went to birthday cake flavor, in which I paired with marshmallow topping. The gelato base tasted like vanilla with cake batter smell, and I love that they threw in some rainbow cake chunks. The cake was a bit dry but it was soaked in the gelato anyway. It felt like there was a party going on in my mouth. Surprisingly, the gelato wasn't overly sweet and I managed to finish it despite being very full after eating steak.

My gelato melted sooo fast, that's just how merciless the weather could get

I wish I were given more time to indulge in my not-so-cheap gelato (if only it didn't melt that quickly!). Next time, I would just stay indoor and try out their coffee and pastries.


Jl. Pregolan 2
Surabaya, Indonesia 60262
Opening hours: 8am - 11pm