Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Blacflac, Surabaya

Container cafe is now a common sight in Indonesia, where cafes and takeaway stalls are set up in cargo-converted containers. If Seoul has Common Ground, Surabaya has Loop. Loop is one of my favorite places in Surabaya to take #ootd with container cafes. Fancy white, black, yellow, or blue background for your shot? Everything is settled here.

Trying to blend with the backgrounds hehe

Anyway, I'm not gonna talk further about Loop, but instead I will review a container cafe called Blacflac. In my opinion, Blacflac has the most interesting layout and background for ootd among the others so I decided to drop by for some morning caffeine kick. Coffee is never an excuse, no?

Blacflac also has outdoor and upstairs seating. The problem: it was scorching hot when I came, so nothing could get any better than the comfort of aircon. If I came in the evening, I wouldn't mind sitting outside.

Just head to the counter to place your order and the barista will later serve it to you

The place was empty so I could take many shots there haha

Iced Latte - IDR26,000
I found it weird to drink hot coffee inside a container (well actually it's just because of the hot weather), so my brother and I both ordered the iced version. The latte was light and refreshing, but it became plain after a while. It wasn't too acidic, great even for non coffee drinkers.

Iced Mocca - IDR28,000
I had my usual iced mocha, which featured strong chocolate taste that could be a little less overpowering in my opinion. Ain't the best iced mocha I had, but nevertheless, I finished it 'til the last sip.

Overall, Blacflac had some hits and misses with their coffee, but they surely deserve another visit. Despite the small set up, Blacflac did a good job sprucing up the space to be Instagram-worthy. I won't mind making a trip far to the west for decent cuppa and hipster background hehe.


Loop, Container 8
Jl. Mayjend Yono Soewoyo 100P
Surabaya, Indonesia 60213
IG: blacflac
Opening hours: 3pm - 11pm (Mon - Fri) // 7am - 1pm; 3pm - 11pm (Sat - Sun)

Afternoon Tea at Hotel Majapahit, Surabaya

Hello my dearest readers! Recently I had a chance to visit the historical yet luxurious Hotel Majapahit Surabaya. Believe it or not, it was only my second visit to that hotel in my entire life. I always thought it's a very atas hotel with expensive restaurants. Until one day, my cousin brought me here for an afternoon tea session. Before I write more about my afternoon tea experience, I will take you into a pictorial tour of the lavish Hotel Majapahit.

Just a brief history, Hotel Majapahit originally opened in Surabaya in 1910 by Lucas Martin Sarkies. This guy is the son of Martin, one of the Sarkies Brothers that owned Raffles Hotel Singapore. One of the most iconic incidents to fight for Indonesia's independence occurred at Hotel Majapahit, which was named Hotel Yamato back then. This incident is none other than when Indonesian youth revolutionaries tore the blue portion of the Dutch flag flown above the hotel to change it to the red-and-white Indonesian flag.

The nostalgic-looking veranda in front of Balai Adika

If you can play piano well, you are free to use the grand piano in the veranda

The staircase to level 2. Imagine staring at the mirror at night - doubt I would dare enough to do it!

The hallway looks so artistic to take pics at

You can see the flagpole where the flag-tearing incident occured

I love how Surabaya in the past and present beautifully blend in this pic <3

Beautiful garden in the middle of the hotel, which reminds me of Raffles Hotel Singapore

The Lobby Lounge in its unique art deco style offers a wide selection of especially concocted cocktails and exotic teas and displays a comprehensive beverage list for pure enjoyment. The afternoon tea session actually starts at 2pm, but the staff catered to our request to have it at 12pm since we came too early. That was so kind of her!

Tropical Smooth - IDR55,000
This drink was bought ala carte and it wasn't included in the set. I forget the concoction (it ain't bubble gum for sure), but it was sweet and refreshing.

Semarang Set - IDR125,000
There are several sets to choose from, whereby each set is named after cities in Indonesia and places in Surabaya like Semarang, Tanjung Perak and Ampel. We opted for this Semarang Set, which consisted of tea or coffee, vegetable sandwiches, beef ham quiches and cheese brownies stacked in tiers.

Funny how I substituted tea with coffee for my afternoon tea session haha. The hot latte that I got possessed medium body with a hint of robustness. It was pretty enjoyable.

It had been a while since I had my last quiche. The one here was so tiny and thin - it was one small round of quiche cut into 4 slices. Well, at least I could finally eat quiche again lol.

The finger veggie sandwiches contained zucchinis, cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce inside. It tasted alright. Since I wasn't very fond of zucchini and cucumber, I had to eat the sandwich with tomato sauce to cover up the taste from those two ingredients.

The brownies were moist, chewy and good in quality. The cheese on top was firm and a tad tough but in general this sweet treat was decent.

We changed our attire to 'batik' after our photo session haha 

All in all, I had a delightful affair having afternoon tea at Hotel Majapahit. Not many people might know about the afternoon tea here (in other words it's not very popular), but I highly recommend you to try it. A relaxing time with delicious food in between sips of tea or coffee in beautiful garden or elegant lounge is a truly enjoyable experience.


Jl. Tunjungan 62
Surabaya, Indonesia 60275
IG: hotelmajapahitsby
Opening hours: 8am - 12am

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ojju K-Food, Surabaya

While the hype of rolling cheese is still going on, Ojju shocked us with their latest invention called 'Rainbow Rolling Cheese'. I literally saw many food bloggers snapped pictures of colorful cheese atop chicken drumstick and ribs. I couldn't help but drool over those pics - I'm a fan of colorful food and I never get afraid of the food coloring haha. One Saturday, I got a chance to try it at Ojju K-Food TP5 with my partner in crime, who was none other than my brother.

Following the common practice in every Korean restaurant, a tray of banchan was served to us after our orders were taken. From above to below were kimchi, macaroni salad, oi munchim (spicy cucumber salad) and cream corn. Not sure whether the banchan was refillable, but we were satisfied enough with single portion haha. I love the macaroni salad and cream corn by the way - the cream corn was like a milkier version of 'jasuke'.

Chicken Drumstick Rainbow Rolling Cheese - IDR149,000
Here comes the superstar, 5 chicken drumsticks sitting on a bed of colorful mozzarella cheese and potato wedges served in an iron-cast pan. The cheese was mixed around and melted in the pan, inducing a stringy texture of cheese that was then rolled around the chicken drumstick. No worries, a staff will do it all for you. All you have to do is just sit and snapgram the process. If you are concerned about the coloring used for the cheese, they used only natural coloring from turmeric, beetroot, spinach and red cabbage.

The chicken itself was already delicious to savor with or without the cheese. The drumstick resembled KFC's hot & spicy chicken with spicy glaze on crispy batter. Yummy!

Cheesy Korean Fried Rice - IDR29,000
If you are a big eater or you still have some money to blow, better get some kimchi bokkeumbab (kimchi fried rice) to accompany the meat. The fried rice is typical Korean fried rice with kimchi, gochujang and seaweed. This rice was then cooked in the same pan with the rolling cheese.

Mixing the rice together with the leftover cheese
Final appearance of the fried rice

Overall, it was a memorable experience eating our favorite chicken drumsticks with colorful cheese. With the hefty price tag, I think it's worthy enough given the huge serving. The menu said 'plenty for 2, enough for 3'. They freakin' meant it! My brother and I went home with full stomach and we didn't eat anything until the nighttime (we even planned to skip dinner coz we were just that full lol).


Tunjungan Plaza 5, 5th Floor
Jl. Basuki Rahmat 107
Surabaya, Indonesia 60261
IG: ojju.indo
Opening hours: 9am - 10pm

Oh! Gelato & Cafe, Surabaya

Oh! Gelato and Cafe is located on Jl. Kusuma Bangsa, next to the famous Ayam Bakar Primarasa. It looks just like another residential house from outside. The parking lot, however, is limited - if you drive cars, you have to park them on the roadside.

Going outside, you will be greeted with cheery interior and attractive ice cream display. The staff offered us to sample the flavors. I loved all flavors that I sampled, but sadly I had to make my decision.

Yay to free water!

Cookie Monster, Matcha Latte & Salted Caramel Gelato - IDR25,000 (medium size)
For the medium size, we can get up to 3 flavors in one cup. For merely IDR25,000 it's damn cheap leh! The Cookie Monster looks unique in soft blue color, although it tasted just like normal cookies & cream gelato. The matcha latte flavor was quite rich with matcha bitterness lingering. Meanwhile, the salted caramel had a nice balance between saltiness and sweetness.

Milo, Rumeo & Thai Ice Tea Gelato - IDR25,000 (medium size)
The Milo ice cream tasted exactly like factory-made Nestle Milo ice cream - chocolatey and malty all together. The Rumeo flavor is Oh! Gelato's rendition of rum & raisin gelato minus the raisin. The rum flavor wasn't strong enough and I thought it's still safe to be consumed by kids lol. Lastly, the Thai milk tea flavor was intense and sweet, just like how Thai milk tea drink should taste.

Cookie Monster & Mr Grey Gelato - IDR33,000 (cone)
The Mr Grey gelato is made of earl grey tea mixed with active charcoal, resulting in unique grey color. The earl grey flavor was on point and it featured a distinct bergamot taste.

I have just found my new favorite gelato shop! The super affordable price and good quality gelato make Oh! Gelato one of the must-visit gelato shops in town! The place is also comfy to chit chat with your friends (psst, the seats have built-in power points!).


Jl. Kusuma Bangsa 1-3
Surabaya, Indonesia 60272
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm