Djati Lounge

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Looking for a place to escape from the lively city scene? Make your way to the city of Malang and unwind yourself at Djati Lounge. This place offers an unbeatable day view of lush golf range and pool for guests. It looks serene and romantic too at night!

Iced Strawberry Mint Tea - IDR30,000
Not sure if they freshly brewed the tea, but this drink was pleasant. The mint gave a cooling sensation and there's sourish flavor from the strawberry too.

Taro 'Tahwa' - IDR35,000
The taro frappe supposedly come with silky beancurd, but we were informed that the beancurd was out of stock so they changed it to grass jelly. The drink was milky and the taro flavor was distinctive.

Choco Marshmallow - IDR35,000
It's actually just normal iced chocolate with two pieces marshmallow on top. The chocolate was velvety and not too bitter, I like it.

Cheese Fritter - IDR35,000
It's a good snack to munch. The cheese melted as I tore the ball in two.

Crispy Mushroom - IDR25,000
It was okay, but would be better if it came with mayonnaise instead of 'petis'. The batter was a bit too thick for me also.

Sitting Scallop  IDR60,000
I know it's weird, but I don't like scallop haha. Thumbs up for the presentation though.

Cheese Sticks - IDR30,000
The way it's served looked like churros to me. Nothing special about this one, couldn't really taste the cheesy flavor.

 Ohana game strong haha

Overall, I had an enjoyable time here - the food, service, and atmosphere were all good. Once you're seated here, you wouldn't want to leave. The price range is a little bit on the steep side for Malang standard, but trust me, it's worth every Rupiah.


Jl. Greenwood Golf Mansion 49, Cluster Greenwood
The Araya
Malang, Indonesia 65154

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